Max & Brad Summer Hike from Breckenridge to Copper

It was the challenge Max and I have waiting for... Is it possible to hike from Breckenridge to Copper by going up and over the Breck Ski Mountain?

The answer: Yes!... The details:

The path: Downtown Breckenridge to
Peak 9 Restaurant to
Peak 9/Wheeler Trail Junction to
Wheeler Trail Summit to
Wheeler Trailhead to Copper
(click to see enlarged map)
Closeup of the 1st leg
Closeup of the 2nd leg
Closeup of the 3rd leg

The pictures...

Taking our first break at Peak 9 Restaurant on Breck Ski Resort.

Enjoying a huge snowdrift at around 11,500 feet.

More fun in the same snowdrift.

Almost to Wheeler Trail, looking back on where we've been: the building in the background is Peak 9 Restaurant, the town of Breckenridge far down in the background.

Peak 9/Wheeler Trail Junction - almost to the high point.

The high point of the trip - it's all downhill from here...